Must-Have Tools in a Makerspace

This week’s homework required that we search for two must-have tools in a makerspace; one tool was to be an obvious choice and the other was supposed to be a bit of a “dark-horse.” I created a Prezi to showcase my two choices, which you can access using the link below:

For my first makerspace tool, I chose the laser cutter for its versatility in producing a wide range of items. Laser cutters are easy to use and can produce items that are larger than those made by a 3-D printer in less time, using more durable materials.


My second choice was the Raspberry Pi, a tiny computer about the size of a credit card that has an extensive range of uses that are both fun and practical. The Raspberry Pi was originally designed in the UK to make computing more accessible and enjoyable for young people. They are inexpensive, starting around $36 dollars on Amazon, as well as portable and durable. You can check out the Raspberry Pi website here, complete with a blog, community forums, Raspberry Pi events, and educational resources.







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