Allowing a Material Choice to Drive a Project

In searching for ideas for Part B of my final project, I came across the following article titled, “Stuff you NEED for Your School Makerspace:”

Since we have all discussed what we feel are the most important tools to include in a makerspace, I thought that it seemed fitting to read over what materials might be considered to be the most important. I also felt as though I was coming around full circle for the semester in reading this article, as our very first project was to make something using an assigned tool and material!

I loved the inclusion of cardboard, tape, and paper towel rolls, as we have seen how these are all cost efficient and easily accessible materials with a wide range of  project applicability. Fabric and felt were also materials that we have utilized in several of our class projects. I thought that it was interesting that the article included Little Bits on its list, since we have talked about how quickly the cost of them can add up and how there are more affordable ways to introduce students to basic circuitry.

In thinking about our very first project for this class and in reading over this list, I think that I have found my inspiration for the second part of my final project–in particular, I am looking into projects that are driven by the use of duct tape. I always see fun, colorful patterns of duct tape in stores but can never justify the purchase because I can never think of how I would use them. Little did I know that there is an entire site devoted to duct tape crafts!

What are your thoughts on allowing a specific material to drive a project? How did you feel about the projects that you created this way in class? Have you made anything with duct tape before?

-Jen H.


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