All in one

Paper dinos

This post is about one of my former students, Lisa Glover, who one day got the idea to make a dinosaur costume for Halloween out of cardboard. Her costume was so popular that she decided to get on Kickstarter and start a business making cardboard or paper creatures.

I have been following her ever since I heard that her kickstarter campaign was successful. I wanted to post this blog about her effort and how it all seem to encompass everything we talked about in class. From research to sketching to trying new methods, new materials to finding funding and then listening to the customers and using makerspaces to make your goals a reality.

As our class ends I realize that we went through the process that Lisa goes through every time that she creates a new kit.  Looking at a finished product it is easy to forget the amount of time, effort, trials that have been spent on a project. This class has really put this in perspective for me.


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