Up-cycled T-Shirt Shag Rug Make!

This week for my final 10-minute mini-demonstration, I chose to make shag rug using “up-cycled” t-shirts. While my first Dish Sponge Motor Boat presentation emphasized the science and engineering aspects of STEM, I wanted to chose a project that focused more so on the arts and crafts side of the maker education movement. Also, I wanted to incorporate some of the lessons that I learned from my first demonstration in terms of affordability and accessibility of the materials that I used for this project. I decided to choose a make that required fewer materials and in addition to fewer materials, I also wanted materials that were readily available either at my home or at the local craft store. For this make, you only need four tools and materials: t-shirts (new or old, it is up to you!), scissors, a rug template and knitting needles.

After purchasing all materials, this make only costs about $2 dollars per person to complete as an in-class demonstration. While this demonstration can be completed within 10 minutes, it will take a few hours of work to complete an entire rug, so anyone wanting to complete the entire project with their maker group will need to be sure to set aside ample time to do so. With time and patience, though, the finished product is cute, affordable, and makes for a great gift!



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