Athena – Wearable Tech for Women with a Purpose

During last week’s class, we discussed some concerns over women’s wearable technology being made for aesthetic versus functional purposes. I recently stumbled across a great example of wearable technology that was both designed with women in mind and designed to serve a functional purpose. Here is the link to the device’s Indiegogo page, where you can…

My kinetic sculpture

Tools and materials: heavy colored thread, metal tubes, glue gun, tumbled colored glass fragments, cast off fittings from bathroom fixture.

What do you think about safe spaces?

Should we be signaling to one another on social media and on our clothing that we promote safe spaces for vulnerable people? What are the pros and cons?

Assessment in Maker Education

A couple of classes back, we talked about some ideas for assessment in maker education and allowing students to choose their own mediums through which to showcase their understandings. We also emphasized the importance of celebrating creativity in student work. Some of the biggest challenges that come to mind for me when thinking about how I…